Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Albrights are in Hollywood!!!

So, we have been in LA for 3 weeks now! I can't believe how fast it has gone! We have been staying at a friend's apartment in West Hollywood. Thank you George! Brandon's show "The Buddy Holly Story" opened last week and he is getting RAVE reviews. The cast is great and he is AMAZING! There's even buzz they may try to take the show on a national tour...Cross your fingers! Here is a picture of him in front of his billboard!!!

Buddy then and Buddy now!

Everyone check out his website to read his reviews and for ticket info if you want to see it!

We got his album this week too! Finally! He's been compliling this for years! You can get one from his website!

What have I been doing in LA??? Working! My brother in law and I have started a short sale management system called We are so excited about it!

It's a great tool for realtors. Short Sales are going to be here for awhile and this makes the frustrating process a whole lot simpler for agents. If you have realtor friends tell them about it or send them our way!

AllMYSHORTSALES.COM Youtube video!

Oh, and we lost both of the keys to my car!!! It took joining AAA, 3 tow trucks, a key from ebay...(that ended up not working even though the dealership said it would)...Porshe ended up ordering a key...and a week and a half later I finally have my car back! It was a complete nightmare!!! I'm going to guard that key with the lives of my future babies!!!

The worst part about LA is our families aren't here. We miss them so much! My mom and dad are coming this weekend and we are so excited. Brandon's sister Michelle is coming down with her husband Deloy and their cute little boys! Hooray! The rest of Brandon's siblings are coming next weekend and we can't wait! (Except for Ashlee, since she is due to have a little baby boy in two weeks! Come anyway Ashlee! Hold that baby in!) I wish my sissy's could come down, but Kirsten had her 6th baby not long ago and Carol is so busy working and toting her kids to dance and baseball games. Both my sisters are amazing moms!

Although we miss our families, we have gotten to hang out with our good friends the Sutphens. They have been my parents best friends for-evah! Here's a picture of us minus Brandon after eating at the Claim Jumper.

Well, that's it for now! We'll be back home in Vegas in a few weeks and then who knows where??? Back to LA, New York, maybe a national tour??? We're just enjoying life and seeing where it takes us!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A few weeks ago Carol, Papa, and I took all the babies to the snow! They're not really babies anymore :(. All my neices and nephews on my side came except for Brookie. She has issues with wearing coats, hats, mittens, socks etc, so she decided to stay home with her mom. We sure missed her though! We had a blast! We sledded, had a snowball fight, the girls made a snow resturant which later turned into bunkers for the snowball fight...and then on the way home we made hot chocolate. Here's some pics!
The Adults
Taylor Drew buried in the snow
The Woolworths (Hayley looks ecstatic!)
Joey and I
The girls
The boys
Lincoln got a little hungry
Snowball fight
Dylan buried in the snow
Diddy on the sled
On the way home. Snow day was a success!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Albrights are Moving to LA!!!

Brandon got cast as Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story in LA at the La Mirada Theatre!!! Hooray! We are so excited because he is getting his Equity card. He will officially be a working actor in the actors union!! I'm so proud of him!! I posted the demo reel of the show he did here in Vegas on the right column. We hope everyone can come see it!

For tickets and Information visit
or call the La Mirada Theatre Box Office at

714-994-6310 or 562-944-9801.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well Hello Dere!

Okay, The Albright Blog is back! At least for right now. I'm not making any promises. Here's the last year and a half in a nut shell. I was Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie

Brandon was Buddy in the Buddy Holly Story

If you missed it you can see video on Brandon's sweet new website You can also listen to his music from his album "Armed in Silence" which we are putting together. Brandon's also been cruisin' a lot with a Franki Vallie tribute show "Oh What A Night" It's been so fun for him and us to get the chance to travel so much. We've been to Bermuda, the Mexican Rivera, New England, and the Eastern Carribean in the last 6 months. He's in Tahiti right now with the show.

We also went to Cancun over Thanksgiving with my family. It was a blast! Both my sisters and husbands were there with their kids and of course Nana and Papa were there.

So pretty much we've just been beach bums with a little singing in the middle! Life's so hard! Anyway, that's the jist. If you want to see pics from our travels check out our facebook pages!