Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brandon's audition opportunity!!!

So, Brandon's going to kill me for writing this, but I just love it so much! He got contacted by a show in town who is looking for a new lead singer. Someone affiliated with the show saw Aida and recommended him for the job. What show is it? Drumroll please....CHIPPENDALES! Isn't that great! He is so flattered! I'm so proud that my husband got asked to audition to be a CHIPPENDALE. Don't be judgy, but we decided we should go see what the show was like, so we went on Tuesday night. It was quite...mmm...exciting...and a lot dirtier than we thought. I thought they would just be dancing in their skivvies. Not quite...Anyway...
I don't think Brandon will be part of the show, but what a compliment!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too busy to blog...WHAT???!?!?

I can't believe it's already been three weeks since my last post. So much has happened! Brandon's show AIDA opened at Spring Mountain Ranch. It is AWESOME! It is one of the best shows I've seen in town. He's so good in it. I'm so proud!

I had a gig at the Wynn last week. It was a birthday party for a high roller from Thailand. We sang a bunch of Abba songs. It was ABBALICIOUS. Check this out! Don't laugh too hard....and yes, they paid me to wear that!

Today was our 3 year wedding anniversary. We went and saw Jersey Boys last night and the hotel upgraded us to the front row! It was a great show. He got me roses, the Sugarland CD, and a block of cheese. He knows me so well!

Today was tough, though. My car battery died and my phone wasn't working so Brandon had to wait around for me and chaffeur me around. It was rough, but the good news is my car is now fixedand so is my phone. We had to go to the MAC store in the mall, so I even got a new dress out of it!

Hailey and Westley had a birthday party...

Hailey got baptised by her Uncle Brandon. We're so proud of her!

Brandon's mom had a birthday party too! She bought her little grandbabies (our neices) these cute little outfits. They're kinda Abbalicious too! Here's Dakota and Madison...