Monday, September 8, 2008

The Sleepover!

So, a week ago we had a sleepover with all my nieces and nephews. It was a blast! No one cried or fought. They are such good kids! We made smores on the firepit, set up tents, and tried to watch a movie outside with the projector, but couldn't because the speakers wouldn't go loud enough. So, we ended up inside watching "The Neverending Story". However, the highlight of the night was definately the play they put on. They decided to do "Aida" and, of course, I had to help with costumes and make-up! Check out the boys abs! Brookie as Princess Amneris Radames and his army The whole cast Washing the filth of battle from his skin Aida takes over! The slaves

I haven't been able to upload the video of the show. I'll keep trying!


Kirsten said...

I love all those pictures! What a fun memory for the kids. They had so much fun! How come Hailey always has red eyes in every picture? I swear every picture I take of the kids, she ALWAYS has red eyes...and it's only her. Spooooky.

Ashlee and Rico said...

That is too cute!! I can't wait to see the video? Did they really know the play that well...washing the filth of battle from his skin?!! They are so cute! And what a fun aunt and uncle they have...a fire pit and a projector and tents...can we have a sleepover with you!

A said...

I bet their parents loved you that night! What a fun adventure for all your nieces and nephews! Too Cool!

Carol Woolworth said...

The kids are so funny. They had a blast.I can just picture that play live. Are you trying to say my daughter has something wrong with her eyes? j/k. You're right she does have red eyes in every picture. It gets a little old photo shopping every single picture of her to get the red out.